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Summit Talk: How Do I CRD-ify and Why?

This post is about the forthcoming talk “CRD-ifying Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes” being given by Angela Chin and Connor Braa at Cloud Foundry NA Summit on Thursday, June 25th in the Contributor track. Register for Summit here.

Is it just me, or has time flown by?

Despite sheltering in place, we’re almost halfway through the year. This means that one of my favorite conferences has snuck up on me — not being facetious at all, promise! CF Summit is just around the corner!

While this year we venture into new territory with a fully virtual format, I’m excited to be presenting a session with my colleague Connor Braa titled “CRD-ifying Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes” (CRD == Custom Resource Definition, sorry for the acronyms!). While Cloud Foundry + Kubernetes may not be new territory, we believe the introduction of CRDs into the platform is novel and provides numerous opportunities for Cloud Foundry!

Why CRDs?

For those of you who are less familiar with Kubernetes, CRDs present a way to register custom resources with Kubernetes. This allows you to extend the Kubernetes API with CRDs acting as an API contract between different systems. Many existing projects that run on top of Kubernetes currently take advantage of CRDs, such as Istio and kpack.

As we shift to running on Kubernetes, Connor and I have explored what benefits CRDs might provide to Cloud Foundry. The answer: many, including providing some features that folks in the community have long desired! Of course, we can’t get too into specifics here — you’ll have to attend our session to learn more. Specifically, we’ll be talking about why we think CRDs are the future of Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes, and explore what is being worked on now and in the near future to realize this vision.

No idea what Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes is?

The session right before ours “Cloud Foundry for K8s – Same Great PaaS. Brand New Foundation” by Eric Promislow and Andrew Wittrock offers a chance to dive deep into the project.

Interested in learning even more about CRDs + Cloud Foundry? (Psst: you should be after our talk!) Nitya Dhanushkodi and Tim Downey will be presenting “Bringing the Simplicity of “cf map-route” to Kubernetes” later in the day, which will include more insight into the work the networking team has been doing with respect to CRDs.

While I may not get to see all your smiling, three-dimensional faces, the virtual format of this Summit makes it more accessible than ever before and I hope to “see” you “there”!


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