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Summit Video: Why Concourse Loves Cloud Foundry Container Runtime

It seems like everyone today is using or evaluating Kubernetes, and the Concourse community is taking note. They are changing how they document and support different deployments of Concourse. Previously the documentation focused on how to BOSH deploy Concourse — now it goes beyond this to include other deployments. Concourse is also changing how Workers are registered with a Concourse cluster and how Garbage Collector handles volume in containers.

Topher Bullock, Senior Software Engineer at VMware, detailed the changes being made to Garbage Collection during his talk at the Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston.

The community is also moving specific documentation to GitHub repos so  users can look at a specific deployment instead of reading through the entire documentation. The team is also focusing on the Concourse docker repo and improving it, in addition to the Concourse Helm chart related to Kubernetes.

Most of these changes came from VMware’s own use case. Bullock pointed out that VMware is running Concourse at massive scale with 25 Workers, 3 ATC and over 75 teams using it. As they scaled it, they came across some scalability issues in the way Garbage Collection happens which lead to changing the way it works.

However, he also pointed out that most of this work is the result of VMware customers asking for it. So, it’s more or less addressing the requirements of the community.

You can watch the entire talk on the Cloud Foundry Summit playlist:

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