Swiss Re moves to Cloud Foundry from Swisscom

May 9, 2016

sr_lakeOver the next five years, the global reinsurer will be drawing on infrastructure, databases and a development platform from the Swisscom Cloud.

If a natural catastrophe strikes, it is imperative for reinsurer Swiss Re to act quickly. What is the extent of the damage? To find out, its 12,500 employees at 70 global locations need reliable data to be available at the touch of a button. For this purpose, Swiss Re relies on the Swisscom Cloud. Swisscom delivers infrastructure, a development platform and run-time environment, databases and IT service management from a single source. The service includes: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Database as a Service (DBaaS), a comprehensive integration layer, service management and self-service portals. The introduction of private infrastructure and platform services (IaaS and PaaS) is a first step towards the provision of a hybrid cloud offer for Swiss Re.

SR_logo_CGD_1Faster time to market thanks to the Swisscom Application Cloud

Swiss Re will be developing new solutions in the Cloud Foundry certified Swisscom Application Cloud. Swisscom uses modern software design methods, such as the functional breakdown of software into loosely coupled, cloud-native microservices that can all be scaled horizontally and adjusted easily. Swisscom is Cloud Foundry certified, and uses the industry standard for cloud-native open-source platforms.

Supporting the transformation process

In addition to enhanced business agility and technological accuracy, data storage in Switzerland for its critical applications was also a key factor for the reinsurer. The cloud is operated in Swisscom’s ultra-modern data centres. The project phase runs to the end of 2016 and will gradually transition into operation. In addition to Switzerland, Swisscom will be offering its cloud services from global locations as well in future – initially from Hong Kong and the US. According to Marcel Walker, Head of Cloud & Datacenter Services at Swisscom: “Both sides benefit from the technological exchange and are on the cutting edge of developments as a result. We are supporting Swiss Re’s IT Shared Production Services in the transformation to service broker and integrator.” With the provision of IaaS and PaaS from the Swisscom Cloud and the continuous expansion of cloud services in future, IT Shared Production Services is making a key contribution to the digital transformation of Swiss Re.