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#tbt to Wednesday at Summit

The Cloud Foundry Summit NA has come to an end–with the distinction of being the largest Cloud Foundry gathering in history! With 107 sessions, keynotes, lightning talks, breakouts, BoFs and project office hours and 29 sponsors, Cloud Foundry NA Summit 2016 was a smashing success.

Here’s a peek back at Wednesday’s main events:

Memberships & Certifications

  • EMC announced Unik, a new open source tool enabling developers to deploy applications to the cloud and IoT devices more securely and efficiently by compiling application sources into unikernels.
  • The first public preview of service brokers for Azure was released today, enabling developers to easily connect and configure Azure services and expanding the Cloud Foundry ecosystem to Azure.
  • SwissCom partnered with Push2Cloud to open source a framework that helps deploy complex architectures to Cloud Foundry.

Keynote Takeaways

Wednesday’s keynotes kicked off with a look at what Cloud Foundry can do for government sites and security and ended with a fireside chat between Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji and Cloud Foundry’s “grandfather” Paul Maritz.

  • Lindsay Holmwood from the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Office discussed the need for standardization across federal government websites by synthesizing design and technology for clearer, simpler, faster public services online.
  • EMC’s Brian Gallagher called DevOps an experienced-based movement built on the principles of continuous integration and deployment, and talked about the ways in which EMC practices this movement, including Native Hybrid Cloud.
  • Author Ramez Naam introduced the idea of a technologically enhanced human brain and its implications for human connectivity and social change.
  • Sam Ramji sat down with Paul Maritz, Executive Chairman of the Board at VMware, to reminisce about his career, discuss his passion for open source and dive into the birth and future of Cloud Foundry.
EMC's Brian Gallagher reports 82% of enterprises use multi-cloud

EMC’s Brian Gallagher reports 82% of enterprises use multi-cloud

A Short Stack with the New Stack

  • The New Stack’s Judy and Alex Williams treated the community to a breakfast of what were virtually 3D-printed pancakes using a pancake-making bot! Brunch-goers were privy to a panel hosted by Alex featuring Cloud Foundry’s Abby Kearns, Atos’ Adam Lewis, Dataskill’s Brian Swanson and IBM’s Chris Ferris.
  • In a lively conversation about the new world of application development and management in a multi-cloud world, Kearns commented: “Transformation is not just a technical issue–it’s a people and process issue. There’s no shortcut to change a culture, adopt processes and change how people think about a technology. Cloud Foundry is a great enabler to innovation.

Other Highlights

  • Founder and CEO of Apcera Derek Collision took us down memory lane to the early days of Cloud Foundry. As CTO and chief architect of cloud application platforms at VMware, Derek co-founded the cloud computing group and designed and architected Cloud Foundry when it was called “Project B29.”
  • Enormous gratitude to the Events team, especially Vanessa Heric and Deb Giles, for their tireless commitment to planning and executing the Summit!
  • Follow along with the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #CloudFoundry.

Check back next week for posts on BOSH Day and more!

(And find lookbacks at Monday and Tuesday here and here.)

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