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The Cloud Foundry Foundation: Who We Are

Just a couple weeks ago, we officially hit the six-month mark as a foundation – and how far we’ve come.

A couple of our favorite highlights:

One of the most important aspects of this past six months has been getting our Foundation team fully in place.

Now we’re fully staffed and wanted to share a brief recap of the team and our roles. We built a team to explicitly help execute on our mission to make Cloud Foundry the leading application platform for cloud computing worldwide and to realize our vision of a world of cloud computing that is:

  • ubiquitous and flexible, supporting public, private, and hybrid deployment of applications.
  • portable and interoperable, enabling users and developers to move their applications wherever they need to go.
  • vibrant and growing, underlying a massive ecosystem of applications and developers based on an efficient marketplace.

See below for a quick description of your team and our roles within the organization.

As always, if you have any general questions, you can reach out to us directly at

Jil Backstrom, Public Relations. Jil runs public and analyst relations. She is the contact for all things media and analyst, as well as the primary point of contact for all press materials and planning. You can reach her via email here and find her on Twitter @jilbackstrom.

Chip Childers, Vice President of Technology. Chip is in charge of technology and is the primary point of contact for the technology project, PMCs and the foundation’s Dojo program. You can reach him via email here and find him on Twitter at @chipchilders.

Devin Davis, Senior Director, Marketing & Operations. Devin is in charge of marketing and operations. He is your primary point of contact if you have a question about events, marketing strategy, content. From an Operations perspective, he can help you get into the Foundation dojo or answer any questions about an invoice – and lots more. You can email him here and find him on Twitter @devindavis.

Liza Frank, Deputy, Office of the CEO. Liza keeps the Cloud Foundry Foundation running by keeping the team organized and on track. She is the best person to contact if you need to connect with Sam Ramji, as well. She can be reached via email here and you can find her on Twitter @franklyliza.

Mike Maney, Vice President of Brand & Communications. Mike leads the Foundation’s external and internal presence. He’s the contact to learn more about our branding strategy, web and social media presence and the overall Cloud Foundry story. He can be reached via email here and found on Twitter @the_spinmd.

Scott Monson, Vice President of Business Development. Scott is in charge of ecosystems, business development (including new members) and our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which currently encapsulate groups focused on Financial Services, Telecom and the Internet of Things. He can be reached via email here and found on Twitter @skmonson.

Stormy Peters, Vice President of Technical Evangelism. Stormy builds up and works with community, including meetups, technical blogging, social presence and organizational volunteering. She can be reached via email here and on Twitter @storming.

Sam Ramji, Chief Executive Officer. In addition to leading the foundation, Sam is in charge of strategy, board relations and community building. You can reach him here and find him on twitter @sramji.

We hope you’re joining us on this ride and following what we’re up to, both here on our site and across the web and all our social channels. We look forward to engaging with you.

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