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User Day At Cloud Foundry Summit: Sharing Experiences and Networking

Are you using Cloud Foundry in your DevOps strategy? Then join us at Cloud Foundry User Day on April 18 in Boston at Cloud Foundry Summit! (Registration for User Day ends April 13.)

User Day is an exclusive gathering for people using Cloud Foundry to meet, share knowledge and experiences, and help one another solve problems. Every User Day is unique thanks to the variation in attendees — Last October, folks from anynines, Dell EMC, Jaguar Land Rover, Orange, Porsche, Rakuten, Virtu Secure Webservices, Volkswagen and other companies came together in Basel, Switzerland, for a lively discussion about their Cloud Foundry usage.

Leading up to User Day, we poll registrants to determine discussion topics. In the fall, User Day focused on Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, BOSH, data services, container networking, Cloud Foundry onboarding, real-world .Net migration, and security and PCI compliance. Molly Crowther and Usha Ramachandran from VMware joined to answer security and container networking questions.

“It was great to have product owners present who could tell us what other customers have seen as well as what is currently lined up for future releases,” said Joseph Cordina, Advisory Consultant for Dell EMC. “It was interesting to hear how others tackled similar problems.”

Ronak Banka and Carlo Alberto Ferraris work at Rakuten, which has been using Cloud Foundry since 2011. “We love BOSH,” said Banka, a DevOps engineer. Before BOSH, Rakuten used Chef for configuration — but with BOSH, deployment takes only one-fifth the time.

Sara Lenz of anynines, who co-organized the Unconference at Basel Summit, was impressed by the medley of new Cloud Foundry users and folks who have been using the technology for quite some time.

What would you like to discuss at our upcoming User Day at Boston Summit? Let us know when you sign up before April 18 — and while you’re at it, take our second annual User Survey so we can improve the project and meet your specific needs.

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