VMware Cloud Application Platform at VMworld 2011 – US

By: | August 9, 2011

VMworld attendees, come learn about the best platform for running application on vSphere infrastructure.  We have over 20 sessions, labs and panels where you can learn about PaaS, BigData/NoSQL, Cloud Databases, High Performance Computing, Application Management, Cloud Messaging and much more.

Free copy of Micro Cloud Foundry for the first 200 attendees that register for the Cloud Application Platform sessions – register to the sessions now to get yours!

(Make sure to signup for a CloudFoundry.com account if you don’t have one yet)

Learn from experts, including Cloud Foundry CTO Derek Collison, GemFire/SQLFire Architect Jags Ramnarayan, Elastic Memory for Java lead developer Ben Corrie, and many more.  Below is the list of sessions, labs and group discussions. Please visit the VMworld Content Catalog for up-to-date schedule and registration.

Monday 8/29

  1. A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of VMware’s Hosted PaaS, CloudFoundry.com
    Learn from Cloud Foundry experts Dave McCrory and Martin Englund how CloudFoundry.com, VMware’s Hosted PaaS operates on the backend.
  2. Building Resilient, High Performance, Distributed Application That Are Data Intensive
    vFabric expert Michael Lazar will provide an overview of the challenges to building a scalable, data intensive application that dynamically runs across many machines.
  3. Why Can’t We Be Friends? How RabbitMQ Helps Systems Communicate Better
    Learn from RabbitMQ exper James Williams how VMware’s RabbitMQ technology powers the cloud. We will install, configure and test a multi-node, multi-VM RabbitMQ cluster.
  4. Big Compute and Big (NoSQL) Data Panel
    VMware customers will discuss the ways that Hadoop, SQL & NoSQL Databases are being used to provide computing services to the enterprise for analytics of massive data sets.
  5. Cloud Foundry with Martin Englund
    Join Cloud Foundry developer Martin Englund who will host this best practices group discussion on Cloud Foundry.

Tuesday 8/30

    1. 7 Steps to Enterprise PaaS
      PaaS expert Chris Harris will share lessons learned from delivering actual PaaS instances into customer environments.
    2. Managing High Performance Data with SQLFire
      SQLFire Architect, Jags Ramnarayan will explore SQLFire, a distributed SQL data management solution that melds Apache Derby and an object data grid (vFabric GemFire).
    3. Application Management in a Cloud Environment
      Application Management expert Shahar Erez will discuss how the move towards cloud computing changes in application development approaches and the emergence of DevOps.
    4. Building Hands-on Labs to Model Cloud Application Platform Solutions
      Design and development of Lab Environments tailored to replicate real-world Cloud Application Platforms


  1. Data Strategy of VMware
    We are in the midst of a period of unprecedented explosion of data and active innovations to better manage this explosion.  We are witnessing major trends creating a perfect storm in the data management space: In this session, we will discuss VMware’s data strategy and how VMware will contribute to the innovations in the data management space.
  2. Introducing vFabric Elastic Memory for Java
    Now You Can Share Memory Between Java VMs Without Killing Performance. Learn from lead developer Ben Corrie how vFabric Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J) leverages the new memory sharing interface introduced in vSphere ESX 5.0
  3. Java/JVM best practices with Ben Corrie
    Join EM4J lead developer Ben Corrie for this this best practices group discussion on Java/JVM
  4. Powering Database-as-as-Service for Your Cloud with VMware
    You have experienced the benefits of virtualization, now do you want to fully extend these virtualization benefits to the database layer?  With VMware vSphere as base, we want to show you how you can stand up and operate database-as-a-service in your cloud that drastically simplifies database deployment, operations and availability and in turn, dramatically increase developer agility through self-service database management, improve datacenter efficiency by fully leveraging virtual infrastructure benefits in the database tier
  5. Cloud Foundry with Dave McCrory
    Join Cloud Foundry guru Dave McCrory who will host this best practices group discussion on Cloud Foundry.

Wednesday 8/31

  1. Setup Your Own Private Micro Cloud in 30 Minutes
    Cloud Foundry guru Dave McCrory will show how to have a fully functioning Cloud Foundry Micro Cloud PaaS running on your Laptop/Desktop in less than 30 minutes
  2. Migrating Your Application to the Cloud Foundry Platform – Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas
    Cloud Foundry CTO Derek Collison and expert Dave McCrory will show how to ensure a successful migration of your applications to Cloud Foundry.
  3. Migrating Java Apps from Weblogic to vFabric
    A  case study of migration lifecycle of Java Applications from Weblogic to vFabric: Choices at various steps illustrated through a large project done at VMWare
  4. A Customer Scenario for Next-Generation Data Management with vFabric
    Learn how a leading healthcare customer used VMware’s vFabric GemFire to transform their infrastructure to respond to rapid business changes.
  5. Cloud Foundry with Derek Collison
    Join Cloud Foundry CTO Derek Collison who will host this best practices group discussion on Cloud Foundry
  6. GemFire/SQLFire with Architect Jags Ramnarayan
    Join GemFire/SQLFire Architect Jags Ramnarayan who will host this best practices group discussion on GemFire/SQLFire.

In addition, make sure to visit our theater presentation at the VMware booth.

Looking forward to see you in a few weeks!