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Vote for Cloud Foundry Summit Program Chairs

Deadline for voting is Monday April 26, 2021, at 11:59 PM PST.

Thanks to everyone who nominated people for CF Summit Program chairs!  The nomination period is closed, and it is time to vote:



Track chairs will help program content for the following:

  • “How To” Track: Developers guides for using Cloud Foundry with various languages/frameworks, demonstrations of new or advanced features of Cloud Foundry open source projects
  • “In the Wild” Track: Stories from out in the world of users, customers and systems integrators, including: talks from end users doing interesting things with Cloud Foundry, perspectives from the systems integrators and consultancies helping end users, unique customer stories from vendors
  • “Behind the Curtain” Track: Updates from Cloud Foundry project teams, road map reviews, feature proposal discussions and panels about the platform’s futured

Responsibilities of Track chairs:

Each track will have two co-chairs who review the submissions to the CFP and select the content and flow best suited for their track and the community. The events team will manage all speaker logistics, communications, and publishing the schedule.


  • What is the time commitment to be a Track chair?

Around 10-20 hours from May 24-28 for session reviews and schedule-building prior to Cloud Foundry Summit.

  • As a Track chair, can I submit a speaking proposal to other tracks or the track I’m chairing?

Yes. The proposals you submit to other tracks are treated the same way as any other submission. If you submit a proposal to a track you are chairing, the other co-chair will vote on your proposal.

  • How are the Track chairs selected?

Community members vote to elect co-chairs. The Foundation staff counts votes to select the final co-chairs for each track, keeping in mind employer diversity, co-chair willingness and making sure each individual is not a co-chair on more than one track.

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