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What You Should Know About Cloud Foundry Training & Certification @ Summit & Beyond!

Did you know that being trained on Cloud Foundry is one of the most desirable (and highest paid) tech skills in the world?

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is dedicated to building our community through training and certification programs. Training and certification give developers the tools to stay relevant to the workforce. As technology continues to change at lightning speed, developers who have been trained on Cloud Foundry and cloud-native best practices offer valuable expertise to companies rapidly transforming. More and more businesses are expanding their digital departments to accommodate the needs of customers, but they can’t grow without the crucial skills of developers.

This is why the Foundation offers a variety of training and certification for developers, and why we’ve made changes to some of our existing content in order to ensure it’s up-to-date and cutting-edge.

So what’s new?

  • Operating a Platform: BOSH and Everything Else is central to our Basel training offerings this year. BOSH continues to play a critical role for many Cloud Foundry developers and operators, and can be used to deploy both the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime with Diego, as well as the Container Runtime with Kubernetes. There are still slots available. Please register here.
  • The Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Exam continues to mature, with a recently added new online study guide so candidates can easily evaluate their readiness for this important career differentiator.
  • The Cloud Foundry for Developers Course has been upgraded to version 1.1, with new content to track the latest project improvements in areas such as buildpacks, routing and service brokers, with a renewed focus on what the cloud-native developer needs.
  • The Introduction to Cloud Foundry and Cloud Native Software Architecture Course, hosted by, will be substantially updated in October, including new chapters on Docker, the Cloud Foundry Marketplace and Container Runtime with Kubernetes.

Additionally, our training partners continue to create exciting and pertinent new training content, including Kubernetes for Cloud Foundry Users, sponsored by Engineer Better and SUSE.

For more information on exam requirements and how to register for the Certification Exam, visit our website.


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