Meet the Photon Platform BOSH CPI

by March 31, 2016

Today, we’re excited to continue addressing the needs of developers by announcing the release of the Photon Platform BOSH CPI. We’re building upon the recent release of v0.8 of Photon Controller: a distributed, multi-tenant and elastic platform purposefully-built for modern applications.
BOSH was designed to address the challenges in building both small and large distributed system. A BOSH CPI, or Cloud Provider Interface, is an API that is used to interact with an underlying IaaS to create and manage objects on an infrastructure, including images, VMs and disks.

Cloud Foundry Establishes Technical Advisory Board

by March 29, 2016

Board tasked with maintaining long-term technical strategy for the Cloud Foundry Project
SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2016 – Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for cloud applications, today announced a new Technical Advisory Board, established to facilitate the debate, documentation and maintenance of a long-term technical strategy for the Foundation. The Technical Advisory Board will take a long-range view of the Foundation’s software projects and focus on the strategic questions and cross cutting concerns that may impact the Foundation’s mission today and in the future.

Tech Visionaries and Enterprises Innovating in the Cloud Headline 2016 Cloud Foundry Summit

by March 28, 2016

Keynote speakers, conference agenda and developer training classes now online for Summit in Santa Clara, California; Early Bird Registration End March 30th
SAN FRANCISCO, March 28, 2016 – Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for cloud applications, today is announcing the program, training sessions and keynotes for Cloud Foundry Summit North America. The Summit takes place May 23-25, 2016, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.
“With hundreds of enterprises standardizing on Cloud Foundry as their platform for continuous delivery and multi-cloud computing, investments in the platform and the community continuing to grow at a strong pace. This year’s Summit will be our best ever,” said Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji.

Proximetry Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation

by March 24, 2016

Embraces Cloud Foundry platform for large-scale IoT implementations
SAN DIEGO; March 24, 2016 – Proximetry today announced that it is joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for cloud applications. With its comprehensive suite of device management capabilities, Proximetry seeks to open up new possibilities for IoT solution providers by building on the Cloud Foundry environment to extend device and messaging protocols crucial to the IoT world.
“Proximetry is excited to formally join the vibrant Cloud Foundry community and bring our microservice-based platform to the industry’s fastest growing platform for multi-cloud computing,” said Tracy Trent, Proximetry CEO.

TIBCO Joins the Cloud Foundry Foundation

by February 25, 2016

TIBCO to Contribute Technology Expertise to Further Expand the Open Cloud Foundry Platform
Palo Alto, Calif., February 25, 2016 – TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, analytics, and event processing, today announced that it has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation, an independent non-profit organization that drives the development, promotion, and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry standard platform for cloud applications. As a Foundation member, TIBCO will be in a position to actively contribute to the development of the platform to meet the demands facing enterprises in the midst of cloud adoption.

ECS Team CTO Mark Carlson Says Customers Value Cloud Foundry’s Multi-Cloud Support

by February 11, 2016

“Applications built to run on Cloud Foundry gain many benefits from the platform itself and can be easily run on a variety of public cloud and on-premises IaaS solutions.  Our customers also like the fact that Cloud Foundry is available from a variety of providers to reduce the risk of lock-in.”
ECS Team CTO Mark Carlson
As organizations continue to join Cloud Foundry at a steady rate of one new member every two weeks, we are on track for extremely strong community and project growth in 2016. ECS Team is among the latest to join the Foundation. The professional services firm has been in business for over 15 years and delivers cloud-native solutions for customers adopting Cloud Foundry by implementing commercial and open source Cloud Foundry installations and development.

Cloud Foundry Announces 2016 North America Summit

by February 10, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, February 10, 2016 – Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for cloud applications, today announced Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 – North America will take place May 23-25, in Santa Clara, Calif. The May event is the first in an annual series of international summits that will include events later this year in Europe and Asia.
Registration, and a speakers call for papers are both open for the Santa Clara event. Additionally, sponsorship opportunities are now open for Cloud Foundry members and will be open to any organization on February 15, 2016. More than 2,000 application developers, IT operations experts, technical managers, business leaders, service providers and project contributors are expected to attend.

dorma+kaba – One of the world’s leading providers of security and access solutions selects CloudFoundry

by January 26, 2016

Dorma+kaba Group is the latest Cloud Foundry user. They decided to start using Cloud Foundry because Swisscom’s Application Cloud offered them a certified and global industry standard for Platform as a Service.
“We are transforming our business model, as we are moving away from the product and focusing more on being a service business. The Swisscom Application Cloud is the means by which to do this.”
Andreas Häberli,
CTO, dorma+kaba Group
From the product to the services business.
The challenge: fit for the future with Access-as-a-Service. The dorma+kaba Group is one of the world’s leading providers of security and access solutions. The Group has been a pioneer in the field of digitisation for some years now.

Welcome to the EMC Dojo!

by January 22, 2016

The EMC Cloud Foundry Dojo is officially opening today! To learn a bit more about EMC’s Dojo, we brought in Victor Fong, the Engineering Director of EMC Cambridge Dojo and Cloud Platform Team, as well as Megan, a Dojo software engineer.

How did you get started with Cloud Foundry? 
Megan: I was a developer at EMC working on Atmos and ViPR ECS. When I heard about the Cloud Foundry EMC dojo, I was immediately intrigued to contribute to the best PaaS in the industry.
Victor: Before joining EMC, I was an engineering director of a legacy Java Enterprise Application in a traditional technology company. When I first entered the Cloud Foundry Dojo in San Francisco, I was deeply impressed with the passion and energy that each person shared.

The New Cloud Foundry Brand

by November 3, 2015

Yesterday afternoon during CEO Sam Ramji’s opening keynote at Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin (our first in Europe), we unveiled the new brand for Cloud Foundry. It marks an exciting moment in the evolution of what has quickly grown to become the industry standard platform for cloud applications.

. @sramji presenting the new #cloudfoundry brand.
— Casey West (@caseywest) November 2, 2015

This has been a collaborative effort among many members of the community. It is simple and clean and built to stand the test of time as our ecosystem grows. It is a visual identity tested globally and designed to work across many types of media and last for years.