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Fidelity’s DevOps Approach Steers Digital Transformation

By December 7, 2016

How does a financial services giant stay nimble and competitive in the cloud era? For Fidelity International, the key is the adoption of cloud-based agile software delivery. Fidelity International, a privately-owned company founded in 1969, manages more than £223.4 billion for clients across the globe. Forty seven years of operational history give Fidelity an advantage…

Allianz Delivers Apps Faster in Digital Transformation

By November 9, 2016

Cloud Foundry adoption and a top-down agile approach to organization and software development shortens app deployment from days to minutes Even insurance giants face digital disruption. Although European financial services company Allianz has 85 million customers, 140,000 employees, and insures three-fourths of the top global companies, it keeps a close eye on venture-backed startups and…

Digital Uprising, One Government at a Time

By October 18, 2016
What do the Dutch government agency Rijkswaterstaat, the U.S.A.'s, and the Australian and UK governments have in common? They all use Cloud Foundry in their digital transformation journey! Watch these fascinating talks on how these government agencies left behind their clunky legacy technologies and learned to embrace open source as a path to digital excellence, with Cloud … Continue reading "Digital Uprising, One Government at a Time"

Swiss Re: Making IT a Strategic Asset

By September 30, 2016

The Swiss Re Group, based in Zurich, is a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. Dealing direct and working through brokers, the company’s global client base consists of insurance companies, mid-to-large-sized corporations and public sector clients. Founded in 1863, the company operates in more than 25 countries with…

What We Learned After Five Years of Cloud Foundry at Rakuten

By August 24, 2016
A team of seven engineers at Rakuten, a Japanese ecommerce and Internet company, has been running Cloud Foundry in production for five years on over 5,000 virtual servers. In this video, DevOps engineers Ronak Banka and Carlo Alberto Ferraris demonstrate their breadth of experience, and share valuable lessons learned from their time running one of … Continue reading "What We Learned After Five Years of Cloud Foundry at Rakuten"

The Gap on Cloud Optimization & Cloud Foundry (Video)

By August 10, 2016
Philip Glebow, Gap’s Director of Pricing Architecture, draws an analogy between cloud optimization and a balanced diet of foods with the highest nutritional impact at minimal cost. To achieve this optimized “diet,” Gap employs linear optimizer Gurobi, which integrates with Cloud Foundry, and works with Amazon. Glebow explains the nuance of localized promotional pricing which … Continue reading "The Gap on Cloud Optimization & Cloud Foundry (Video)"

Verizon User Case Study

By August 3, 2016

    Video: Keynote: Building a Case for Transformational Change, featuring Siki Giunta, SVP Cloud and M2M Connected Solutions, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Bloomberg User Case Study

By August 3, 2016

  James Watters of Pivotal and Justin Erenkrantz of Bloomberg sit down to chat about why this generation of automation is different than any previous one. Video: Why is this generation of automation different? by Pivotal Software