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Biarca CEO Kris Rajana On Joining Cloud Foundry

by September 2, 2015

You may have seen the news from Biarca today. They are one of the latest companies to join Cloud Foundry Foundation.  In the following QA, CEO Kris Rajana shares a bit more about Biarca and how they’re working with Cloud Foundry.

“Cloud Foundry is the leading open source platform delivering PaaS. It was a no brainer to embrace it.”
– Biarca CEO Kris Rajana

What does Biarca do?
Biarca is a Professional Services company focused on helping transform organizations from a legacy IT and applications approach to ones that delivers IT as a Service. We  work directly with end customers, and partners with value-added resellers and managed service providers.

Please join us for the first ever Cloud Foundry doc sprint!

by September 1, 2015

Hack on MDN Sprint. March 2015. Berlin, Germany. Photo by Biraj Karmaker.
Please join us for the first official Cloud Foundry doc sprint!
No writing experience is required. (Although if you are a technical writer, we would love to have your help!) We are looking for a balance of technical writers, developers and users.
What: Cloud Foundry doc sprint
Where: Cloud Foundry Foundation offices at 535 Mission Street
When: September 30, 2015, 9am-5pm (drinks and dinner afterwards)
Topic: Getting started with Cloud Foundry
Who: Technical writers, Cloud Foundry Developers and Cloud Foundry Users
What’s a doc sprint?
Writing documentation is hard. Some people have the technical knowledge but not the writing skills.

Supporting Cloud Foundry Meetups and their speakers with travel

by August 27, 2015

Come speak at one of the 152+ global Cloud Foundry meetups!

Meetups are an important part of learning about new technology, connecting with others doing the same thing and helping others. When I started at Cloud Foundry, I thought I’d help meetups by helping them find sponsors for location and pizza. Turns out, that’s not what they need. They need awesome speakers!
So here’s the plan.

We’ll designate a place for speakers to list their accomplishments.
We’ll provide a place for speakers to say they are available and meetup organizers to say they need speakers.
We’ll provide funding for speakers to travel to meetups.

Speakers, make yourselves known
We need a place where speakers can identify themselves and what topics they know.

Cloud Foundry at LinuxCon: Some great conversations!

by August 26, 2015

Last week Cloud Foundry – contributors, members and future users – were at LinuxCon!

We had an awesome booth where we got a lot of great questions and had fun ourselves. We had three types of people stop by the booth: newbies, curious and fans!

Newbies: We gave away tshirts so we got a lot of the polite “What is it?” questions – hopefully those newbies left a bit more informed.
Curious: We also got a lot of great questions from people exploring Cloud Foundry. Many people from large enterprises stopped to tell us they were installing it and using it in parts of their organization. They had very specific usage questions.
Fans: In addition, much to my delight, we got several questions and offers to help from people who wanted to contribute to Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry on Azure Preview…The Sequel

by August 21, 2015

Unlike most movie sequels, software tends to get better with each new version. This afternoon, Microsoft announced the sequel to its April premier of Cloud Foundry on Azure. Dubbed Cloud Foundry on Azure Preview 2, this newest Microsoft contribution to the Cloud Foundry ecosystem incorporates months of community feedback and new Cloud Foundry technologies.
With these new updates, customers will be able to deploy a standard Cloud Foundry infrastructure on Azure using Bosh-Init.
You can watch the trailer for Cloud Foundry on Azure Preview 2 below:

For more information, head over to the BOSH Azure CPI github repo.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation: Who We Are

by August 6, 2015

One of the most important aspects of this past six months has been getting our Foundation team fully in place.

Now we’re fully staffed and wanted to share a brief recap of the team and our roles.

In the News: Cloud Native, HP + ActiveState and BOSH

by July 31, 2015

A number of great resources to help you on your Cloud Foundry journey hit the intertubes this week. Among them:

A step-by-step guide to using BOSH
A helpful list of ways to get started with Cloud Foundry
An insightful talk about Cloud Foundry, cloud native and the continuous innovation movement given by Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji at OSCON. You can grab Sam’s slides here and watch the video below:

And in case you missed it, Cloud Foundry Foundation members HP and ActiveState created quite the stir this week, too.

The Forklifted Application

by July 31, 2015

This content was originally posted on the Pivotal blog and is part of the upcoming book – on Cloud Native Java – that I am writing with Kenny Bastani on building cloud native applications with Spring and Cloud Foundry. –Josh

The Contract
Community and customers alike are moving as much of their workloads to platforms like Cloud Foundry as possible. Cloud Foundry aims to improve velocity by reducing or at least making consistent the operational concerns associated with deploying and managing applications. Cloud Foundry is an ideal place to run online web-based services and applications, service integrations and back-office type processing.

How can I try out Cloud Foundry?

by July 30, 2015

So you’ve built a cloud native app, developed with all the best practices for software as a service or microservices architectures. Where do you try it out?
There are at least three ways to easily give it a go within the expanding Cloud Foundry ecosystem:

Pivotal Web Services. You can sign up for a free trial and run your app on Pivotal’s public Cloud Foundry service. You’ll need to pay for the number of instances and memory you use after the free trial.
IBM BlueMix. You can sign up and try out IBM’s instance of Cloud Foundry. You’ll get half a GB free each month for runtimes and containers.
Lattice. Install Lattice. Think about Lattice as a lightweight version of Cloud Foundry.

Q&A: Junjie Cai

by May 1, 2015

We’re closing in on the opening keynote of Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 (May 11-12 in Santa Clara…you registered already, right?). Continuing our series of Q&As with speakers you’ll see at the Summit is IBM Bluemix runtime architect, Junjie Cai, who’s talk on “10 common errors when pushing applications to Cloud Foundry” is sure to draw a crowd.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career history.
I’m currently the architect for the runtime offerings in IBM’s cloud application platform called Bluemix. Previously I worked on several cloud related incubation projects inside IBM including the multi-tenancy tech-preview feature in IBM JDK. Before that I worked on Apache Geronimo and Apache Harmony.