Docker & Cloud for Data Scientists & Data Engineers

By: | September 7, 2018

Learn about the key infrastructure skills required to excel when working with data and deploy anything using Docker!

During this workshop, we’ll explore how Docker can help you:
– easily create and deploy complex Data Science environments on your own workstation or on cloud using Docker and Compose.
– build development environments with Anaconda, Python, R and Jupyter Notebook and connect them to PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB and more using Docker Compose. Setup ETL pipelines with Zeppelin Notebook and Spark.
– build geospatial engineering environments with QGIS, Jupyter, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PGAdmin4 and MongoDB.
– publish your specifications to GitHub and your images to Docker Hub or a private image registry and setup a Continous Integration pipeline.
– deploy to Linux/s390x and other exotic platforms.
– get started with Data Science, Big Data or Containers and explore free courses and badges / certifications.

Mihai Criveti will lead us through this workshop. Mihai is the Cloud Native Competency leader at IBM, where he builds solutions for Cloud, AI, Big Data, Containers and more 🙂 More about Mihai here