Cloud Foundry Day SF

By: | February 14, 2018

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* See the latest CF development projects such as BOSH
* Demo new features like CF CLI and service brokers to increase productivity
* Meet key developers and leaders from the CF community
If the above points pique your interest, you should join the CF Day on Tuesday, Feb 20th in San Francisco. Get up to speed with your Cloud Foundry knowledge, connect with like-minded developers over drinks and food, and as always, bring home some swag.
Top 10 Recent & Upcoming Improvements to CF CLI
Hear how CF CLI is helping improve push experiences, isolating app containers, experimental granular push commands, and which improvements are coming soon. Not entertained? No worries, try hanging out with a tasmanian devil.

Jay Badenhope, Pivotal PM for CF CLI

Advanced Apps and Service Brokers on Cloud Foundry
Interested in an SQL database you don’t have to deploy yourself? Need a message bus but don’t know how to set it up? Those are a couple of things service brokers can do for you: provision and attach services to running apps. In this session, we will bring up and register a service broker with Cloud Foundry and an attached CF container runtime. We’ll deploy a service and connect it to apps running in different backends.

Swetha Repakula, Jonathan Berkhahn, and Morgan Bauer , IBM

New Strategies for Managing BOSH Deployments
Managing deployments that involve multiple components or teams can be difficult. Come learn how BOSH DNS and cross-deployment links make it easier to manage multiple, component deployments. For operators supporting multiple teams, learn how multi-config and deployment variables can be used to reduce how much those teams are required to coordinate with each other.

Danny Berger, Pivotal BOSH Lead

Hybrid Cloud with Cloud Foundry and GCP Services
Interested in moving to the cloud? Cloud Foundry and GCP can help you do that. Cloud Foundry is a cloud agnostic platform that promotes writing portable workloads. GCP services, like Spanner and BigQuery, are available to your applications, whether they are running in CFAR, CFCR (Kubernetes), on premise, or in the cloud. Let’s see how you can combine CF and GCP services to start using cloud technology quickly, even before migrating any of your workloads.

Meaghan Kjelland, Google, Software Engineer

Panel: Future of Container-based PaaS and how can different communities work better together
Container-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is being widely adopted by large to small companies across different industries. Since the problem space is large, many alternative approaches to container-based PaaS have emerged with three open-source leaders: Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Moby (née Docker). While the diversity of approaches is great for open source and encourages innovation, it also can result in duplication of efforts, reinventing the wheel, and confusion for

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