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Cloud Foundry Summit Recap // Process Management with Spring Boot & PCF

By: | April 3, 2019


5:30pm – 6:00pm :: Food and Networking
6:00pm – 6:45pm :: Cloud Foundry Summit Recap
6:45pm – 7:30pm :: Process Management with Spring Boot & PCF

Topic #1: Cloud Foundry Summit Recap

If you weren’t fortunate enough to make it to this year’s Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadelphia, no need to fear! We’ll be recapping all of the highlights in the first talk at this month’s CF Meetup. Learn how other organizations are leveraging Cloud Foundry to automate, scale and manage cloud applications throughout their lifecycle. We’ll also walk through some of the exciting ways that the Cloud Foundry ecosystem is maturing and evolving as we look to 2019 and beyond.

Speaker: Mark Carlson – Field CTO, Pivotal

Topic #2: Process Management with Spring Boot & PCF

The behavior of an application is often dependent of the workflow of the application. However, this can often create a burden on engineering, since the state of the each process needs to be stored. This causes the application is statically bound to the context, and cannot adapt to customer needs very easily. The OMG realized this and published the Business Process Model Notation (BPMN) and the Decision Management Notation (DMN) in 2011. This talk will give a short overview over BPMN, DMN and the capabilities of both of them as well as building a BPMN process with the open source BPMN Software, Flowable, to find AWESOME Star Wars animations. Within the process, we will integrate with the Star Wars API, the Giphy API, and write some custom code for our process. To wrap up, we will start process in our own Spring Boot application and deploy to Cloud Foundry.

Speaker: Valentin Zickner – Sr Solutions Architect, mimacom USA

Valentin is a Full-Stack software engineer at mimacom USA. His primary focus is the customer domain and supporting several technical frameworks like Spring, Angular and Flowable. In addition to the technical frameworks, he focusing on cloud infrastructure, including Cloud Foundry. Valentin recently relocated to the US from Germany, and is leading engineering and consulting efforts all across North America.