Cloud Foundry Update and Reactive Applications

By: | September 12, 2017

We will be presenting 2 short talks about the latest happenings with Cloud Foundry as well as a session on Reactive programming coming in Spring Boot 2.0.

Howdy Cloud Foundry

Pivotal will be presenting a session on new features of Pivotal Cloud Foundry such as CredHub integration, Container to Container networking, Small footprint PCF, Docker repo support and the rock solid support for Spring Boot which helps enterprises run microservices at scale.

Reactive Spring

As the volume of clients and requests increase the traditional thread per connection request handling model starts to breakdown and negatively impact overall performance. ┬áThere are essentially 2 manners to improve performance – One is to parallelize and another is to seek more efficiency in how resources are used, which is what Reactive Spring enables. ┬áPivotal will highlight the new reactive support coming in Spring Boot 2.0 in the webflux module which exposes the power of non-blocking IO through callable web APIs.


As always, we’ll provide the pizza, beer, and wine. ┬áPlease RSVP!