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December: A case study in Remote Paired Programming

By: | February 19, 2018

Kathy Ellison and Mike Stuart, engineers at CoreLogic, will take you through the evolution of a small team of pairs, some of which are located in a single location while others are scattered across the U.S., and recently in Kiev. Highlights of our journey include:

1. Evolving support tools and devices that assist us in our changing environment (monitors/displays, cameras, speaker phones, headsets)

2. Coordinating across time zones to ensure the process is not interrupted (standups, IPM, optimized story backlog)

3. Share Everything: Remote pairs have to be able to control the workstation, write code, and have access to all the tools required just like the local pair (proper video conferencing and screen-sharing)

4. Test driven development and adhering to pairing patterns

5. Courtesy & Respect: Verify good communications, think out loud, handling local side conversations by always including the remote pair, and taking breaks

6. Navigating around the naysayers by selling our new culture with rapidly built, high quality products/services