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Redis + PCF // Logging and Metrics with PCF

By: | January 23, 2019


5:30pm – 6:00pm :: Food and Networking
6:00pm – 6:45pm :: Redis + PCF
6:45pm – 7:30pm :: Logging and Metrics with PCF

Topic #1: Making Your Data Cloud Native with Conflict Resolution Datatypes in Redis

What is your multi-cloud data strategy? Can your application handle losing an entire cloud provider? How do you handle consistency between locations? These are all difficult questions that the best engineering teams struggle with. In this talk, Adi Foulger from Redis Labs will discuss Conflict Resolving Data Types, a new tool to help developers solve these problems and how they’re implemented in Redis Enterprise. Paired with Cloud Foundry, it creates a system that can weather the most difficult outages.

Bio: Adi Foulger is Principal Architect for Redis Labs. Coming from a decade of software development, innovation work, and database engineering, Adi leads Redis Labs’ platform integration initiatives around offerings such as PCF and Kubernetes.

Topic #2: Everything you always wanted to know about logging and metrics in Cloud Foundry – A not at all complete guide to observability in the cloud.

This talk is going to be a quick tour through the world of logging, metrics and observability within Cloud Foundry. We will talk about some fundamental principals and guidelines for observability that apply to any application in the cloud. But then we will also focus on Cloud Foundry specific topics and visit the land of loggregator. We will discuss some best practices and talk about how best to monitor your platform and applications. This talk will be equally useful for application developers and platform operators.

Bio: Johannes Tuchscherer – Product Manager, Pivotal, Denver

Johannes has been working on Cloud Foundry for the past five years. He joined the loggregator team as an engineer when it was still in its infancy. Since then, he has been working on and with Cloud Foundry in several different teams within Pivotal mostly based in Colorado, but also with two temporary allocations in Germany. He spoke about application monitoring at previous CF Summits and helped to run the CF Meetup in Munich and Denver. He is currently Product Manager for the loggregator team.