From Cloud-Native and Containers to Edge-Native

By: | November 7, 2017

Talk Title: From Cloud-Native and Containers to Edge-Native

Talk Description: From Cloud-Native and Containers to Edge-Native
Is cloud-native enough or we should go beyond as we are entering the next phase of distributed computing where there is need to connect the IoT devices emerging all around us? How do we connect all these devices at the edge and back to the cloud? How do we build apps & microservices that can run at the edge as well as in the cloud? And how do we leverage Cloud Foundry to connect these apps with cloud? In this session we’ll discuss these questions and explore how embracing an event-driven architecture can help us to build edge microservices leveraging Cloud Foundry, the new Container Runtime and Project Flogo

Speaker: Speaker: Rishikesh Palve, Product Manager for Container Products, Tibco

Speaker Bio: Rishikesh is a Product Manager at TIBCO. He has worked in different groups such as engineering, pre-sales and product management over last 7 years. In his various roles, he has been instrumental in product releases as well as in solution design, architecture and POCs for TIBCO customers to help them solve their business problems. Being passionate about technology, he loves to learn, explore open source technology and use them to build ideas and prototypes. As a Product Manager for TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, he takes a keen interest in Containers, Microservices, APIs and Cloud-Native technology and builds vision and roadmap of the product that lets users build cloud-native APIs, Microservices in PaaS of their choice. When he is not working, you’ll find him reading, traveling, watching movies, theater or struggling in kitchen.

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