Hackovation 2017 at Audi Business Innovation

By: | October 26, 2017

Dear Cloudfounders,

In November, a programmer, cloud native, nerd, geek, hacker, cyberpunk, and everyone who loves coding is welcome to join the first hackathon ever by Audi Business Innovation GmbH in Munich. Take your smart and amazing skills to test and come up with something creative and innovative within 24 hours. The challenge is based on developing service-broker conforming to the Open Service Brokers API and many RESTful services and hardware of your choice: New ideas of managing services, binding services across platforms, automating infrastructure that will shape completely RESTful services providing on the cloud.

We strongly believe in the power of open-source software because it is driving innovation! Brokers developed during the hackathon will remain open-source projects and contribution will continue by Audi Business Innovation. Furthermore, we’ll publish some of our service-brokers to the community!

What you can hack on:


• Cloud Foundry
• Kubernetes


• Microsoft Azure
• Google Cloud Platform
• Amazon Web Service


• Jenkins
• Nexus
• Artifactory
• Elasticsearch
• Prometheus
• InfluxDB
• Grafana
• Any open-source services with RESTful API

Internet of Things / Hardware

• Arduino UNO
• Raspberry Pi

You’ll feel right at home at Audi’s brand new Munich office. There’ll be a variety of drinks and foods and even your late night cravings will be covered. Audi also take excellent care of your nutritional needs. The top three teams will also receive exciting prizes for their efforts.

We will be happy to see you! Just sign up now!

For more information, visit: www.hackovation.io

Sponsored by Pivotal.

Please register using the event page!