LOPUG Meetup on Thursday 28th September, 6.30pm onwards

By: | July 24, 2017

NEW DATE: Thursday 28th September

Summer may be over but never fear, LOPUG is here! We’re delighted to host some great speakers for our September meetup, along with the usual food, drinks and fun.

• Kenny Bastani, Principal Technologist @ Pivotal

“Building Cloud Native Microservices: Patterns and Practices”

The transition to microservices can be an exciting change of pace for many developers. But for organisations, the path to success with microservices is not without embracing a major cultural shift in the process of how companies build and deliver software.

To rapidly deliver microservices to production, organisations are turning to infrastructure automation provided by a cloud-native platform, like Cloud Foundry. With a platform in place, every microservice team will have what they need to create a CI/CD pipeline that safely delivers applications to a production environment. The final ingredient for success is knowing the right patterns for connecting microservices together over HTTP using REST APIs.

• Paula Kennedy, LOPUG Organiser

“Help me help you: show me the empathy!”

Everyone needs help sometimes. Whether they are learning a new skill, joining a new company or being promoted to CEO. And everyone loves being helpful as well as receiving help, right? Unfortunately the act of trying to help can sometimes unintentionally cause more harm than good, leading to frustration and negative impacts on individuals, teams and businesses. 

In this talk, Paula will highlight some of the behaviours that we often see in the tech industry, describe how good intentions can go bad and suggest some simple guidelines to prevent this. Will this talk be helpful? Come along to find out.

So, please come and join us, we look forward to seeing you there.

The LOPUG team.

– Food and drinks provided

– Good time will be had by all