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LOPUG Meetup on Thursday 25th April, 6.30pm onwards

For our 2nd meet-up of 2019 we have lined up two excellent speakers:

• Anouska Streets, Head of Platform @ Currencycloud

“Beyond the Platform Experience – Exploring how our brains work under cognitive load and applying these insights to create a holistic developer experience that enables software engineers to reach their full potential”

Cognitive load is a key factor in determining how well we can solve problems and learn new things. Software delivery is a creative process chock-full of problem solving and continuous learning, and platforms like Cloud Foundry and Heroku have worked hard to ease a developer’s cognitive load, providing straightforward developer experiences on opinionated platforms that enable engineers to focus on the delivery of business value.

But the developer experience is more than just the interactions between the developer and the platform.

Join Anouska Streets in exploring the work of “The Godfather of Cognitive Load Theory” John Sweller and other academics; discover what happens inside our brains when we have problems to solve and new things to learn; and learn what we can do as individuals and technology leaders to build upon these insights and maximise the focus of our engineers on the delivery of real value.

• Julian Friedman, Open Sourceror / Project Lead {Garden, Eirini}, IBM

““Cube” your enthusiasm: Bringing the Cloud Foundry Developer Experience to Kubernetes”

Is container scheduling commoditised yet?

The Eirini project brings pluggable container scheduling to Cloud Foundry. In other words: the `cf push` developer experience we all love, with your choice of container orchestrator – including Kubernetes – under the covers.

Julian will introduce the Eirini project, talk through the reasons behind it, update the audience on the latest progress (passing CATs! available in beta! ready to try out now!), GIVE YOU A DEMO OF EIRINI, and tell you what it might mean for CF app developers (hopefully not much!) and CF operators (potentially, quite a lot!).

So, please come and join us, we look forward to seeing you there.

The LOPUG team.

– Food and drinks provided
– Good time will be had by all