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LOPUG Meetup on Thursday 25th July, 6.30pm onwards

School may be out for the summer but we’ve got some amazing speakers lined up to keep the little grey cells ticking over!

• Matt Day, Hybrid Cloud & Platforms Specialist @ Google Cloud

“Meet Anthos! Hybrid Cloud with Google”

Anthos is Google’s all new platform to manage hybrid cloud workloads built on open source tools and designed to scale.
This session provides a brief intro to Anthos and helps you understand what it is today and where Google sees its future.

• Gerhard Lazu, Software Engineer

“Make your system observable”

– What does it mean for a system to be observable?
– Why is observability fundamental for all good systems?
– What is the impact of observability on end-users, support & engineering?

Gerhard will use years of learnings from RabbitMQ & Concourse to answer these questions and show you how these products have addressed this essential requirement.

So, please come and join us, we look forward to seeing you there.

The LOPUG team.

– Food and drinks provided
– Good time will be had by all