Machine Learning, Watson, OpenWhisk & Amazon Alexa


April 12, 2017

*** Note the location change – we’re hosting in the Odeon on Harcourt Street ***

Machine Learning, Watson, OpenWhisk & Amazon Echo. What more could you ask for at a Bluemix meetup 🙂

We’ve a packed agenda with a variety of different speakers this month. I realise we’ve been a little quiet of late – hoping this line-up will make up for it!!

6:30 – 7:00pm Watson Conversation
7:00 – 8:00pm Machine Learning 
8:00 – 8:30pm Alexa Skills

Watson Conversation
Philip Kinlen from AIB’s Research & Innovation team will demonstrate how to build a chatbot from scratch using IBM’s Watson conversation tool. The chatbot will be embedded into an Android app. Philip’s session is aimed at those who have never built a chatbot before.

Machine Learning and IBM Data Science Experience
In this session, Chris Snow, IBM Data Architect, talks machine learning and IBM DSX. Chris provides a high level intro to Collaborative Filtering using Apache Spark’s ALS (alternating least squares) machine learning algorithm. He then walks through an example collaborative filtering web app for movie recommendations. The sample app is built using various Bluemix services incl Spark as a Service, Cloudant, Compose Redis and IBM’s Data Science Experience (DSX). Chris briefly covers each of these services and the properties they bring to the application architecture.

Amazon Echo, Alexa Skills & IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk
Did you know you can build Alexa Skills with OpenWhisk on Bluemix? No? Well in this session Twana Daniel, IBM Bluemix Developer Advocate will deliver a live demo to show you how!!