Metrics Driven DevOps


March 3, 2017

Hi there,

Here we go again. This month we will have a presentation on Metrics and another one on CI/CD . Hope to see you all there. Pizza and beers from 6.30pm onwards.

First talk – 7.00pm

Metrics Driven DevOps: Continuously Delivery High Quality Software. By Myrvin from Dynatrace.

Becoming the next Uber is only possible if you deliver what your users want faster than others. Some aspects of DevOps, implementing Continuous Delivery & Feedback Loops and the flexibility that a platform like Cloud Foundry provides are a perfect combination to get closer to that goal.

Myrvin is part of a team of Sales Engineers in Dynatrace, ASEAN. He is passionate about how technology shapes human behaviour and has helped many organisations drive the adoption of application performance engineering in Dynatrace. He draws his inspiration from Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, and might be spotted conducting a virtual orchestra from time to time.

​Myrvin’s Linkedin Page​: (

Second talk – 8.00pm

Overview of container platforms from a development perspective.

By Vincent Serpoul from Manulife.