.NET workloads on CloudFoundry

By: | December 4, 2017


6:00- 6:30 Networking

6:30 – 7:30 Presentation and QA

Deploying and Operating Cloud Native .NET applications

Deploying and operating .NET applications in cloud shouldn’t be hard and it really isn’t when you understand the fundamentals. Pivotal and Magenic .NET experts will explain how .NET workloads are run on Cloud Foundry. They will also share their first hand experience and best practices from working with Fortune 500 clients. Our ultimate goal is to let cloud services do more for us so we can focus on delivering business value. Cornelius Mendoza (Sr. Platform Architect at Pivotal), Jenny McLaughlin (Sr. Platform Architect at Pivotal), and Robert Sirchia (Lead Consultant at Magenic) will present the following topics:

– .NET and .NET Core on PCF (Day 1 deployment and Day 2 operation)

– Leverage Steeltoe to move up the Cloud Native maturity model

– Use cases and learnings: PCF vs. other containerization options