Pivotal London – Cloud Native Apps Meetup

By: | October 29, 2018

You’re invited to the next Cloud-Native Meet-up where we’ll have two new exciting talks:

1) Securing Microservices with Spring and PCF, Simon Rowe

Microservices offer advantages and disadvantages security-wise. Microservices can be developed, updated and scaled separately. However, with more and more microservices to manage there can be numerous doors for intruders to try to access within an application. While their isolated and stand-alone structure within applications makes them easier to defend, microservices bring with them their own separate security challenges.

In this talk we’ll walk through a set of Spring co-ordinated microservices that are insecure and will integrate them with an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server in order to make them secure. Then we will look at the challenges with Single Sign On and how Pivotal Cloud Foundry can help to overcome them.

2) Developer Experience with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, Neven Cvetkovic

What’s the difference between these platforms, what do they have in common, and what does working with each of them look like from a developer perspective? Landing your code on the right platform will determine the quality of your developer experience. It’s important, therefore, to understand what kinds of workloads are most suitable for each, the level of effort required to work with them, and what each platform does for you. Do you let buildpacks create containers for you, or do you build your own? How much YAML do you need to author and maintain? What kind of security can your application expect from the platform? You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of what two platforms do for developers.