Visualize PCF: Weave Scope on Pivotal Cloud Foundry

By: | September 12, 2017

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 Part 1: Stev Witzel (Pivotal): A few months ago, Stev joined one of our Weave User Group meetings to show us how Weave Scope can be used to visualize and explore the many components of Cloud Foundry. Since then Stev and Luke from Weaveworks have been hard at work to iterate on the initial proof-of-concept and make it easier to install and setup Weave Scope for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. What they came up with is a PCF Tile that seamlessly integrates Scope and Cortex with the Cloud Foundry runtime components. Come join us to learn more about their work and how it will help you observe and monitor Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Part 2: Time permitting, Ilya Dmitrichenko (Weaveworks) will cover our cool new ability to time travel in our visualization dashboard (in Weave Cloud). 

(This is an in-person meetup. For online events, please visit our Weave Online User Group).

Speaker: Stev Witzel, Software Engineer, Pivotal

Bio: Stev works as a software engineer at Pivotal’s London office. In his day-to-day job he acts as the engineering lead for the On-demand Services SDK and Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Previously, he worked on several other data services for Cloud Foundry as well as BOSH. In his spare time, he enjoys building things in Go and learning more about distributed systems.

Speaker: Ilya Dmitrichenko, Developer Experience Engineer, Weaveworks

Bio: Ilya is a Developer Experience Engineer at Weaveworks, focused on making the adoption of microservices easier. Prior to Weaveworks, Ilya worked at Xively, where he personally experienced the shift to a true DevOps culture. He began to shift focus down the stack, becoming one of the early evangelists of and contributors to open source projects in the emerging Docker/container ecosystem.

Host: Tamao Nakahara, Head of Developer Experience, Weaveworks

Bio: Tamao is passionate about Developer Experience and co-organizes She has over 20 years of DevEx, ecosystem alliances, and event experience, including as Director of Developer Relations at New Relic, running open source community programs at VMware and Pivotal for Cloud Foundry, Spring, Hadoop, RabbitMQ, and Redis, and helping customers with Oracle virtualization at VMware.