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Sometimes you want a more hands-on approach to containers. Sometimes you’d rather let the platform take care of containers for you. Cloud Foundry Application Runtime utilizes containers as part of its DNA, and has since before Docker popularized containers. The new CF Container Runtime gives you more granular control and management of containers with Kubernetes.

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How Container Runtime integrates Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

Meeting DevOps teams’ need for the simple, agile and flexible delivery of software packaged into containers.

Powered by Kubernetes

Formerly known as Project Kubo, an incubating project within the Cloud Foundry Foundation initiated by engineers at Google and VMware, the Kubernetes-powered, Kubernetes-certified CF Container Runtime offers a uniform way to instantiate, deploy, and manage highly available Kubernetes clusters on a cloud platform using CF BOSH.

The Power of Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry

Kubernetes is an open source system that automates deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications–and it’s quickly becoming the de facto container orchestration standard. Kubernetes’ strength is managing containers. Together with Cloud Foundry platforms, it’s easier than ever to manage your entire cloud environment.

The Power of BOSH

Kubernetes and CF BOSH together are a powerful combination. With CF BOSH managing the deployment and lifecycle of your environment, you can achieve high availability for Kubernetes clusters, as well as scaling, VM healing, and rolling upgrades.

High-availability and multiple availability zone support: BOSH can deploy multiple master/etcd/worker nodes across multiple availability zones, and monitor their health.

Scaling: BOSH allows the operator to scale the number of instances in the cluster up and down by modifying the manifest.

VM Healing: BOSH continuously monitors the health of all VM instances and recreates VMs.

Upgrades: BOSH manages the rolling upgrade process for a fleet of Kubernetes clusters.

CF Container Runtime utilizes the release engineering, deployment, and lifecycle management qualities of BOSH to instantiate and manage Kubernetes clusters. It also provides a consistent way to manage and update your entire cloud infrastructure and works well with your existing CF Application Runtime environment.

CF Runtime is a great option for taking existing applications, containerizing them, and getting them running in your cloud, reproducibly.

Different Tools for Different Jobs

Different types of applications call for different approaches. Cloud Foundry gives you the choice: CF Container Runtime is built using Kubernetes and CF BOSH. You can also continue to use the Cloud Foundry cloud application platform — CF Application Runtime. For cloud-native, 12-factor applications, CF Application Runtime will likely be the best deployment method. If you need more flexibility and developer-built containers for apps, or are using pre-packaged apps delivered in a container, using CF Container Runtime will give you control over application delivery.

Whether you’re lifting-and-shifting and need the flexibility of containers, or you’re building 12-factor apps from scratch, Cloud Foundry gives you the tools you need to do the job right.

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