Project Eirini & Quarks: Combine the strengths of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes

November 20, 2019

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The Cloud Foundry Eirini project allows CF’s runtime component – Diego – to be replaced with Kubernetes. The Cloud Foundry Quarks project allows CF to be run atop of Kubernetes, rather than with BOSH. These two changes are big news for a wide audience: from people who want to try running Cloud Foundry for the first time, to production platform operators who want all the benefits of the rich ecosystem around the Kubernetes platform.

One thing doesn’t change: cf push.

Join Dr. Nic Williams of Stark and Wayne for this webinar. In this webinar we will:

    • Demonstrate “cf push” and other common CLI commands to a Cloud Foundry backed by Eirini.
    • Show some strategies for bootstrapping your own Kubernetes cluster, with a running version of Cloud Foundry.
    • Review the Quarks project, and the Kubernetes cf-operator, to deploy Cloud Foundry atop Kubernetes.

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