a9s LogMe

On-demand provisioning of VM-based, dedicated LogMe (ELK Stack) servers and clusters

a9s LogMe enables on-demand provisioning of VM-based, dedicated LogMe (ELK Stack) servers and clusters. Developers can create instances of a LogMe server or cluster using Apps Manager or the Cloud Foundry Command Line interface (cf CLI), and bind these instances to an application to monitor it, or use them to monitor services. Depending on your service plan, a service instance may be associated with a single, dedicated VM, or a set of VMs consisting of multiple VMs containing a LogMe cluster.

a9s LogMe automatically provisions service instances and creates a dedicated VM for each instance. This isolates service instances, preventing the “noisy neighbor” problem that can occur when multiple service instances run on a shared VM.

Because the service provisions VMs as needed, only existing service instances use infrastructure resources. These resources are released when service instances are destroyed. With on-demand provisioning, the number of service instances grows or shrinks based on demand.

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