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  • IBM Cloud Foundry
  • A&B Groep was founded in 1999 and is now firmly established as the leading global Telecom Expense Management auditing and benchmarking business on a global scale. A&B Groep actively supports clients by optimising their local and international communications estates; enabling cost reduction and visibility, control, security and reporting capability. A&B Groep supports over 500 companies globally, from SME to blue-chip international corporate businesses, managing billions in client communications spend. The combination of our analyst teams and our unique BBMS (Behaviour Based Management Software) tool allows granular exploration of line item billing, contracts and multiple complex worldwide tariffs. Mobile communications are a major expense for businesses but there are additional costs for fixed line and data networks that also need to be monitored and controlled which forms part of A&B Groep’s services. A&B Groep is an independent consultancy company and we assist businesses with the following services: Global SaaS platform Auditing & Sourcing Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Telecom Spend Analyses Telecom RFI/RFP projects Vendor Contract negations Benchmarking Consultancy Operational Support | Managed Services Mobile Device Management (MDM) Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) A&B Groep is a recognised leader in the market; our services support TEM vendors around the globe, who value our expertise and capabilities. www. ab-groep.eu

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