grape up

Grape Up brings together a cloud native platform - Cloudboostr and a unique approach to software delivery to help the world’s leading enterprises embrace digital transformation. Through implementing DevOps culture and cloud native technologies, we enable enterprises to reduce time-to-market for new products and services

Provided Workshops & Trainings:

Subject: DevOps approach to software delivery
Description: Introduction to DevOps philosophy and explanation how it applies to the process of building and delivering software products. Explaining benefits and pitfalls and how not to fail in implementing DevOps in an organization.
Audience: Managers, Developers, Security, Platform Engineers

Subject: Agile methodologies
Description: Why Agile methodology and lean techniques (in particular XP) fits well into software development and DevOps world.
Audience: Managers, Developers, Security, Platform Engineers

Subject: Continuous integration, delivery and deployment
Description: Learn how automated deployment pipelines can speed up your delivery performance and help adopting DevOps culture.
Interesting for: Managers, Developers, Security, Platform Engineers

Subject: Containers and virtualization, Platform-as-a-Service vs. container orchestration
Description: Learn about IaaS, containers and cloud native platforms.
Interesting for: Developers, Security, Platform Engineers

Name: 12 Factor applications
Description: Understand characteristics of a cloud-friendly applications that can be deployed continuously and scaled with one command.
Interesting for: Developers, Platform Engineers

Name: Microservices and other cloud-native patterns
Description: Learn how to design microservice based architectures, and what other techniques can be used to strangle a monolith.
Interesting for: Developers

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