Resilient Scale

Immersive, context-based learning in cloud native

We employ engineers, not trainers. Our engineers don’t just talk the talk, but we regularly walk the walk. We are experts because we have done it and we share our experience with you.

Going Cloud Native w/ Cloud Foundry and Spring: Are you looking to build (and modernize) cloud-native applications using Spring and Cloud Foundry? If so, this two week immersive class is for you. We took the Cloud Foundry Developers, put a Spring bias on it, and combined it with our “Building Cloud Native Applications with Spring” class.

Cloud Foundry for Developers: A comprehensive, hands on introduction to the Cloud Foundry Platform. We collaborated with Engineer Better in the UK to build this class for the Cloud Foundry Foundation. This course is designed to directly align with the new Cloud Foundry Foundation Developer Certification program.

Building Cloud Native Applications on Cloud Foundry w/ Spring: Learn how to build highly scalable, resilient microservice architectures with Spring and Cloud Foundry. Students will learn best practices and build microservices on Cloud Foundry. We leverage Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS and Concourse. This class is for Java/Spring developers already comfortable with Cloud Foundry.

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