SAP Cloud Platform Service: Job Scheduler

SAP Cloud Platform offers Job Scheduler as a service, for managing your jobs that run either only once, or on recurring schedules.

A job is a collection of schedules with an action endpoint. A schedule is a one-time or a recurring entity within a job without an action endpoint. A service plan within Job Scheduler takes into account the number of schedules within a job.

Job Scheduler service, which you can execute using any runtime, schedules any REST endpoint actions in your application, helping leverage the potential of your application. As a developer, you can allocate more time to building business logic and workflows that resolve core business needs, while offloading one-time or long-running repeated tasks or routines to Job Scheduler. This service is currently available as a beta offering.

Infrastructure and region supported:


    • Europe (Frankfurt)
    • US East (VA)
    • Brazil (São Paulo)


    • US West (CA)


    • US Central (IA)

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