Stark & Wayne

Cloud Platform Automation, Integration & DevOps Specialists

Stark & Wayne Works With:

  • VMware Tanzu
  • Swisscom Application Cloud
  • Stark & Wayne is the leading cloud technology consulting firm. We offer design, implementation and operation services that enable an enterprise to operate on highly available and extensible platforms for their infrastructure. We focus on stability, security, resiliency and automation of the systems that run software.

    Our team has significant expertise deploying, automating and integrating Cloud Foundry on:

    • Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure
    • OpenStack
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • vSphere
    • Bare Metal

    Stark & Wayne brings significant expertise and industry leading best practices in everything below the SaaS and above the IaaS. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Provisioning Control Planes
    • Provisioning Open Source Cloud Foundry
    • Building & Enhancing Services
    • Creating Monitoring, Telemetry & Logging
    • Platform Backups
    • Creating Runbooks
    • Creating Customized BOSH Releases

    Why Move to the Cloud with Stark & Wayne

    The Collective: Our methodology that allows for quick problem solving, adopting new technology, and creating custom built solutions. When a problem arises, the Collective engages to find the solution. This also helps us know potential challenges that may arise and how to overcome them or avoid them.

    Our Knowledge: Stark & Wayne’s knowledge is continuously growing and expanding along with our creative approaches. We continuously add more knowledge and software to the Cloud Foundry Foundation and incorporate it into our work. We use leading technology on a daily basis.

    Overall, Stark & Wayne works closely with their clients to address their needs and to implement the best solutions to deliver the best technological outcomes. No matter what the need, we have the expertise to go beyond expectations. Our vast knowledge lets Stark & Wayne stand out from competitors and appeal to our clients.

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