Demystifying the CF Acceptance Tests


Cost: Free
Level: Intermediate
Delivery: Online Video

If you’ve ever deployed your own Cloud Foundry, you may have run the CATs (CF Acceptance Tests) to check that your environment is working correctly. Or, you may have needed to run the CATs in order to submit a PR to CAPI or another core CF team. This talk will present an overview of how these tests are structured, what’s needed in order to run them, and how to debug them when they fail. You’ll also learn how to add new CATs if you’re writing a new component or piece of functionality for Cloud Foundry.


About Tim Hausler

Tim Hausler is a contributor to the Cloud Foundry ecosystem, working for VMware Software. He has previously worked on the Cloud Controller and BOSH.

About Michael Xu

Michael Xu is a recent UC Berkeley graduate who has joined CF as a Software Engineer in 2016. He has contributed to Cloud Foundry for a year now and was a core contributor in CAPI’s track to simplify the CC-bridge.