Distributed Service Bundles for Cloud Foundry


Cost: Free
Level: Advanced
Delivery: Online Video

Distributed Service Bundle is a mechanism to define a group of services whose lifecycle and operations are controlled as a single unit. This means parts of the bundle are deployed, un-deployed, updated, operated and monitored together. Cloud Foundry provides well-defined model for application to service communication via the service binding. While this model works well for majority of the use cases, there are use cases where a managed service needs to communicate with other managed services. For example – connecting the Jobs in a managed Spark to Topics in a managed Kafka. Cloud Foundry doesn’t inherently have a notion of service to service binding. To address the above scenarios we need a way to deploy services together with dependencies injected via the environment variables similar to the way CF applications use the VCAP environment variables. In this session, we will explain the need for distributed service bundles and show how such a distributed bundle can be realised via a generic implementation of Cloud Foundry Service Broker.


About Krishanu Biswas

Krishanu Biswas is a Product & Engineering Manager at SAP building server technologies and distributed systems over a decade. As a lead product expert, he helps define product requirements around key platform core services and backing services in SAP Cloud Platform based on Cloud Foundry. Krishanu comes with over 14 years of industry experience across the technology board of application servers, web development & enterprise software development. Cloud computing, cloud platforms, containers are his key areas of interest. Being an engineering manager, he also drives the execution & delivery of SAP Cloud Platform together with an assembly of highly talented engineers spanning across several teams. He has been a regular speaker at many SAP Internal events like DKOM and external events like SAP TechED, CF Summit.