Save Cloud Resources Using Autosleep Org Enrollment


Cost: Free
Level: Intermediate
Delivery: Online Video

The autosleep (…) service provides the ability for Cloud Foundry users to automatically have their applications stopped after a given period of inactivity, and then automatically started when accessed through traffic received on their routes.

Users with dedicated orgs today face the problem of having to deal with a lot of resource wastage due to either, applications that need to be available for only a particular time period or applications that are running with minimal to zero accesses. Trial orgs are a good example of such an org. Autosleep exposes a broker which allows space developers to opt-in to autosleep by creating service instances in specific spaces and triggering monitoring the apps in those spaces.

The autosleep service has been recently enhanced with the additional use case of supporting “Automated org enrollment” targeted towards Platform Owners and Org Managers. Org Managers/CF admins can now register an org with autosleep using a simple REST API. Once done, autosleep will automatically start monitoring all spaces within that org and their applications for inactivity for a certain configurable period of time and in case of no activity detected during said interval, will automatically stop such apps.

This talk details this new org enrolment feature with a demo, and provides initial return on experience from SAP running autosleep on its Cloud Foundry landscapes.