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Announcing Stratos 4.0 Release

The Stratos team is delighted to announce the 4.0 release of Stratos. Stratos is an open source management user interface that provides operators and developers a web-based console to manage their Cloud Foundry applications and Cloud Foundry environments.

Stratos 4.0

It’s out! The latest version of Stratos has landed and is now available to the community.

It seems like a long time ago when we started Stratos at SUSE and embarked on the journey through incubation to becoming a Cloud Foundry project.

This new version sees a long list of improvements and fixes – you can check out the full change log for more information.

The main focus of Stratos 4.0 has been to re-work the front-end codebase to improve the way users can extend and theme Stratos. With version 4, themes become npm packages and can be published to the npm registry for use by others when they build their own Stratos.

The Stratos team is in the process of extending this approach to extensions themselves – allowing developers to create extensions for Stratos, publish them to npm and then easily bring together different extensions when creating a distribution of Stratos. We’re not quite there yet but Stratos 4.0 lays down some important underpinnings to support this future. It may not be visible from the UI, but a lot of hard work from the team has gone in under the hood!

User Experience 4.0

Across the board, we continue to refine and improve the user experience – the home screen favorites and recents displays have been refined and now include icons. Sizing throughout the UI has been improved to make better use of space when being viewed in desktop browsers and we’ve updated icons for a better visual experience. Under the hood we’ve fixed a number of smaller bugs and updated to Angular version 9, which will enable us to localize Stratos in an upcoming version.

If you’ve not tried Stratos before, I encourage you to give it a try – it is easy to deploy as an application to Cloud Foundry, to Kubernetes using Helm or locally in a Docker container.

For our many existing users, I hope you like the changes we’ve made in this release.

Your Feedback Welcome

The Stratos team is continuing to refine, improve and extend Stratos. We’re in the process of adding support for the V3 API and the newer functionality it exposes. We always welcome feedback and suggestions from our users in the community and we will do our very best to help you out if you have Stratos issues.

You can find us on GitHub ( and on the Cloud Foundry Slack in the #stratos channel.

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