Cloud Foundry: Your Cloud-Native Toolbox

Digital transformation is sparking change in the way businesses operate. Cloud applications enable direct interaction with customers, and this new model calls for changes to the way code is written, deployed, and updated. How it’s kept secure. And how it’s scaled.

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The Right Tool for the Right Job

Cloud Foundry, home of the open source application development technologies CF Application Runtime and CF Container Runtime, is more than a platform. It’s a flexible way of embracing digital transformation that helps businesses evolve in the face of constant change. To put it another way, with Cloud Foundry, companies can rest assured they will have the right tool for the right job.

Which Abstraction Is Right?

A platform is a foundation that lifts things up. Think of it as a stage that can be leveraged to not just save time, but that can be modified to support the creation of the work that makes you unique.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is the home to two complementary open source technologies focused on application developers and operators, the CF Application Runtime and the CF Container Runtime, as well as many projects to support and extend them.

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CF Application Runtime is a code-centric platform. It simplifies the entire development lifecycle. Used by more than half of the Fortune 500, CF Application Runtime helps developers modernize businesses via cloud-native apps.
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CF Container Runtime makes deployment, management, and integration of containers easy. The CF Container Runtime combines the best-in-class container orchestrator, Kubernetes, with the power of CF BOSH, enabling a uniform way to instantiate, deploy and manage highly available Kubernetes clusters on any cloud.

Both CF Application Runtime and CF Container Runtime give you the flexibility to run apps in any language or framework on the clouds of your choice, while giving developers the chance to pick the right tool for the right job. This flexibility extends to services as well, thanks to the Open Service Broker API, which makes it easy to integrate the services your apps need to run—on both the CF Application Runtime and using Kubernetes with BOSH, via the CF Container Runtime.

Industry-Standard Open Source

Cloud Foundry tools help you modernize existing applications today and start your cloud-native transformation for new applications. We put the choice of deployment back in the hands of the IT leaders and business decision makers, who can now look at how the application monetizes, what resources it needs, and which cloud or datacenter can best support all the requirements.

Write More Code. Innovate Faster.

Cloud Foundry tools deliver speed the whole organization can measure. The CF Application Runtime platform adds efficiencies in quickly iterating and testing applications, with on-demand provisioning and a clear path for getting applications from a developer’s laptop and into production reliably. And CF Container Runtime simplifies adding existing applications to your environment

Welcome to the Community

The community has leveraged lessons from the most successful cloud application companies and delivered them in a commercial product through Certified Providers. Applications environments are standardized across applications, which makes troubleshooting, updating and patching technology stacks simpler than ever before.

Cloud Foundry Foundation certifies the distributions in our ecosystem to ensure they are truly open and keep customers away from being locked into a specific distribution. We ensure the platform stays open and applications developed on certified Cloud Foundry platforms can be ported to any other distributions or to the community open source version.