Cloud Foundry Membership

Join the Cloud Foundry Foundation to be at the forefront of innovation, whether you’re using, selling or creating technologies to empower enterprises to transition seamlessly to the cloud
Cloud Foundry is the industry standard platform for cloud applications, built and operated by industry leaders. Our members work together to drive global awareness, adoption and development of Cloud Foundry.

Why Join?

Technology is moving at an unprecedented pace. Enterprises are tired of vendor lock-in. There is need for more code than any one company can write alone. The new baseline is sharing by default, and this includes your R&D. This is why open source has won. This is why Cloud Foundry is the industry standard platform for cloud applications.

Corporate membership funding makes it possible for the Foundation to be the independent and neutral organization that protects our members’ investments by providing Cloud Foundry project governance, and enabling competitors to collaborate and share R&D.

Those same corporate memberships enable us to bring the events, training, certification, marketing, and promotion necessary for our members and the broader Cloud Foundry ecosystem to maximize the economic value of participation and engagement.

Membership Level
Platinum $500,000 USD/year, 3 year agreement
Gold $100,000 USD/year, 3 year agreement
Silver $5,000 USD per annum: 1-50 employees

$10,000 USD per annum: 51-150 employees

$30,000 USD per annum: 151-500 employees

$50,000 USD per annum: 500+ employees


Joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation puts your company in a unique and highly visible market position, with a voice in the ecosystem and ability to influence the project roadmap. As a member, you not only get access to our global membership base, but a multitude of engineering, marketing, and event benefits as well.

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Ability to influence the project via engineering

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Special Interest Groups for end user companies

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Exclusive event opportunities

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Unique market visibility through our global marketing and research efforts

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Member discounts on Summit sponsorships, training and more

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Access to media engagements, announcements, research, and assets

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