Cloud Foundry Foundation

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is a directed fund of the Linux Foundation formed to sustain the development, promotion and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry standard for delivering the best experience for developers at companies of all sizes.

Why We Exist

The Cloud Foundry Foundation exists to drive the global awareness and adoption of the Cloud Foundry open source project, to grow a vibrant community of contributors, and to create coherence in strategy and action across all member companies for the sake of the project. We will do this by marketing the economic and technical activity of the entire Cloud Foundry community; governing with fairness, energy, and optimism; and growing a massive ecosystem based on application and skills portability.


We see a world of computing that is ubiquitous and flexible – supporting public, private, and hybrid application environments; portable and interoperable – enabling users to move their applications wherever they need to go; and vibrant and growing – underlying a massive ecosystem of applications and developers based on an efficient marketplace.

What We Do

The Cloud Foundry Foundation exists to:

  • Establish and sustain Cloud Foundry as the global industry standard Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) open source technology with a thriving ecosystem.
  • Deliver continuous quality, value and innovation to users, operators and providers of Cloud Foundry technology.
  • Provide a vibrant agile experience for the community’s contributors that delivers the highest quality cloud native applications and software, at high velocity with global scale.

Who We Are

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is led by a team of accomplished professionals.

Our Board of Directors is accountable for the strategic direction and business governance of Cloud Foundry Foundation, and is composed of business leaders at the world’s leading technology companies.

Learn more about our culture and governance, and the members who are fueling the growth of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem.