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Unigma Builds Management Platform with IBM Bluemix and Altoros

By April 24, 2017

Unigma, a US-based managed infrastructure services provider, was in the market to develop a multi-tenant cloud management platform to unify and simplify its offerings for infrastructure management. The company chose Altoros to work with IBM’s Cloud Foundry-based Bluemix platform. The result was a cost-effective system that accelerated cloud infrastructure management dramatically—by a 5x factor, while…

BNY Mellon Develops New Agile Culture with Cloud Foundry

By April 17, 2017
The Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (BNY Mellon) turned to Cloud Foundry on its journey to digital transformation. Specifically, the banking giant with annual revenues that exceed $15 billion (and $27 trillion under management) integrated Cloud Foundry into its open-source NEXEN platform. NEXEN supports thousands of Virtual Machines (VMs), with OpenStack and WSO2 integrated into … Continue reading "BNY Mellon Develops New Agile Culture with Cloud Foundry"

BOSH Turns Five!

By April 11, 2017

It is no fun to write complex open source that no one can deploy on Day 1 — nor continue to live with on Day 2. BOSH has been helping solve this for five years! Five years ago, the incredible lifecycle orchestration platform called BOSH was open sourced by VMWare. It changed the game for … Continue reading “BOSH Turns Five!”