Introducing CF-Abacus – Part 2 of 3

by February 12, 2016

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CF-Abacus team: Jean-Sebastien Delfino (IBM), Saravanakumar Srinivasan “Assk” (Independent), Benjamin Cheng (IBM), Hristo Lliev (SAP), Georgi Sabev (SAP), Kevin Yudhiswara (IBM), Piotr Przybylski (IBM), and Rajkiran Balasubramanian (IBM)
In part 1 of this 3-part series, we motivated the metering problem for a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) like CloudFoundry (CF) and introduced and scoped CF-Abacus, which we claim provides a turnkey metering engine that can be used in a scalable manner by any CF installation. In this part, we dive into the architecture of CF-Abacus and also some of the key design points chosen by the team.
Architecture Overview
CF-Abacus uses a pipeline architecture.

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 15: New teams!

by February 11, 2016

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition Episode 15! The news includes:

The call for papers for the Cloud Foundry Summit, May 23-25 is now open. Submit your best talk!
The ECS Team has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation!
Dr. Max has a series of blog posts on CF-Abacus.
The Japan Cloud Foundry group is posting a series of 100 days of apps.
We are kicking off our Cloud Foundry Expert Certification with an in person meeting March 1-2.
There’s been lots of meetups and talks.

The Colorado Meetup has Digital Globe speaking next week
Casey West spoke at the Sydney meetup and the Pittsburg meetup.

ECS Team CTO Mark Carlson Says Customers Value Cloud Foundry’s Multi-Cloud Support

“Applications built to run on Cloud Foundry gain many benefits from the platform itself and can be easily run on a variety of public cloud and on-premises IaaS solutions.  Our customers also like the fact that Cloud Foundry is available from a variety of providers to reduce the risk of lock-in.”
ECS Team CTO Mark Carlson
As organizations continue to join Cloud Foundry at a steady rate of one new member every two weeks, we are on track for extremely strong community and project growth in 2016. ECS Team is among the latest to join the Foundation. The professional services firm has been in business for over 15 years and delivers cloud-native solutions for customers adopting Cloud Foundry by implementing commercial and open source Cloud Foundry installations and development.

100-day Challenge #001: Deploying Kandan on Cloud Foundry

This is the second article (and the first actual application) of the “Cloud Foundry 100-day Challenge selection” series.

The 1st application deployed in the “Cloud Foundry 100-day Challenge” is Kandan.
Basic Information

Source Code
Other useful reference

According to the README file in GitHub, Kandan is “an open-source HipChat clone”. That is to say, it is a modern application for chatting / instant messaging.
Now we move on to the main point, the deployment to Cloud Foundry.
Actually, Kandan has a documented deployment procedure for Cloud Foundry. However, it is for Cloud Foundry v1 and cannot be directly applied for v2 without adjustments.

Cloud Foundry Announces 2016 North America Summit

by February 10, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, February 10, 2016 – Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for cloud applications, today announced Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 – North America will take place May 23-25, in Santa Clara, Calif. The May event is the first in an annual series of international summits that will include events later this year in Europe and Asia.
Registration, and a speakers call for papers are both open for the Santa Clara event. Additionally, sponsorship opportunities are now open for Cloud Foundry members and will be open to any organization on February 15, 2016. More than 2,000 application developers, IT operations experts, technical managers, business leaders, service providers and project contributors are expected to attend.

Cloud Foundry 100-day Challenge #000 Preamble

This is the first post of the series of aritcles: “Cloud Foundry 100-day Challenge selection”. The series will be composed of selected translations from the original Japanese version.
The original version of this article:

is found at
was posted on June 4, 2015

The translation has been done literally – this means that every sentence should be read as you are at the point of time when the original versions were written.
Now, let’s start the first translated article.

The Japan Cloud Foundry Group is launching a project called the “Cloud Foundry 100-day Challenge”, in which open source applications will be deployed on Cloud Foundry, an open-source PaaS, over a course of 100 days.

Introducing CF-Abacus – Part 1 of 3

by February 4, 2016

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CF-Abacus team: Jean-Sebastien Delfino (IBM), Saravanakumar Srinivasan “Assk” (Independent), Benjamin Cheng (IBM), Hristo Lliev (SAP), Georgi Sabev (SAP), Kevin Yudhiswara (IBM), Piotr Przybylski (IBM), and Rajkiran Balasubramanian (IBM)
Project CF-Abacus is a scalable usage aggregation and metering engine for any CloudFoundry (CF) installations. The paramount goal of the incubation project is to provide a complete turnkey solution that any CF vendor can use to enable their CF environments with usage metering and aggregation in a manner that will scale with number of users, organizations, spaces, and services.

ECS Team Joins Cloud Foundry

DENVER, Colo., February 4, 2016– ECS Team, a professional services firm delivering technology solutions to solve strategic business challenges, announced today that it has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a silver member. ECS Team joins Pivotal, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, SAP and over 50 other technology innovators as a Foundation member. Through its membership, ECS Team will continue to drive global awareness and adoption of the world’s leading industry multi-cloud, multi-vendor PaaS.
“Formally joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation is a logical next step based on the amazing growth in our cloud-native solutions business,” said Mark Carlson, Chief Technology Officer at ECS Team.

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 14: All the Talks!

by February 2, 2016

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition Episode 13! The news includes:

We have a couple of new members. Stay tuned for their announcement!
The EMC Cloud Foundry Dojo in Cambridge opened January 22.
IBM’s Cloud Foundry Dojo in Raleigh is coming soon.
As an example of what comes out of a dojo and the 6 week training period, SAP leading the BOSH CPI for Open Stack.
On the Cloud Foundry blog, Swisscom talked about their customer Dorma Kaba, a leading provider of security and access solutions and how they chose Cloud Foundry.
The ECS team has a cool sheet of Cloud Foundry terms and resources.
I gave a beginning Cloud Foundry talk at SCALE14x. The video is coming soon.

dorma+kaba – One of the world’s leading providers of security and access solutions selects CloudFoundry

by January 26, 2016

Dorma+kaba Group is the latest Cloud Foundry user. They decided to start using Cloud Foundry because Swisscom’s Application Cloud offered them a certified and global industry standard for Platform as a Service.
“We are transforming our business model, as we are moving away from the product and focusing more on being a service business. The Swisscom Application Cloud is the means by which to do this.”
Andreas Häberli,
CTO, dorma+kaba Group
From the product to the services business.
The challenge: fit for the future with Access-as-a-Service. The dorma+kaba Group is one of the world’s leading providers of security and access solutions. The Group has been a pioneer in the field of digitisation for some years now.