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We are an open source organization and our trademarks, along with our open source code, are among the most important intellectual property we own. This portal organizes the Cloud Foundry brands and defines their visual, stylistic elements, as well as usage.
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Trademark Usage Guidelines

Cloud Foundry marks must be used in accordance with our Trademark Usage Guidelines. Please adhere to our policy and help us protect their usage.

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Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines provide you with the tools and assets you need to utilize the Cloud Foundry brand in communications, websites, collateral and more.

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About the Logo

The Molten mark represents the amalgamation of two concepts: creation and movement. The free flow of ideas is the foundation upon which the open source community is built. This fluidity is represented by the molten liquid being poured into the gear. The gear represents continuous innovation, creation and craftsmanship. Pairing these industrial elements with modern typography denotes an approachable community that is proud of its blue-collar philosophy and proud of its developer roots.

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