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Build and Extend Custom SuccessFactors Applications on Cloud Foundry

SuccessFactors has selected Cloud Foundry as the platform to empower its customers to build and extend custom applications around SuccessFactors.  A leading SaaS company that provides business execution capabilities for over 3,500 organizations with around 15 million employees, SuccessFactors chose Cloud Foundry for the flexibility and choice it provides their customers in development frameworks, applications services and clouds for deployment.

The need to customize, extend and integrate enterprise applications is a common one.  Doing this for SaaS applications brings particular challenges, as those applications run remotely and historically have been limited in terms of programmability.  By bringing together Cloud Foundry’s robust runtime capabilities with SuccessFactor’ business processes and data, developers get the best of both worlds.

SuccessFactors has deployed a simple sample application ( that gives a sense of what is possible. The application integrates SuccessFactors’ employee location data with Google Maps to calculate the impact of a facilities move.  If you are a SuccessFactors customer or partner, you can use the SFAPI to do your own integration.  Over time, you can expect the two companies to deepen the integration and in particular make it even easier for enterprises to extend SuccessFactors from both public and private clouds.  To find out more about this partnership, please visit