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Q&A: Kundana Palagiri, Microsoft Corporation

Know who else is coming to Cloud Foundry Summit to talk about the industry leading platform for applications? Microsoft. Kundana Palagiri, Principal Program Manager, will give attendees an inside look at Azure’s Cloud Foundry journey. If you are curious about how to deploy your first Cloud Foundry app on Azure, this is a talk you don’t want to miss.


Kundana Palagiri

Kundana Palagiri


How did you get involved in Cloud Foundry?

I’m a Program Manager in Azure Compute. The reason I got involved in Cloud Foundry is pretty simple: many of our customers want to run their workloads using Cloud Foundry on Azure. Azure’s work with Cloud Foundry is an important example of our commitment to supporting choice and flexibility for our customers; we want them to have a first-class experience on Azure no matter what they’re running, or no matter what tools or languages they are using.

What are you speaking about at Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin?

I’m going to talk about Azure’s Cloud Foundry journey. We’ve started this project a few months ago with a small team and it’s been an exciting journey so far. But it’s just the beginning and the roadmap ahead is exciting!

What do you hope people will learn from your talk?

I’m hoping this talk gives insights into how easy it is for anyone to deploy their first Cloud Foundry Application on Azure, even if they have not used Azure before.

What excites you about being part of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem?

There are a couple of things that I’m excited about, first of all it provides a huge learning opportunity, especially during the conferences. I also like the structure and the support the community provides.


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