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Cloud Foundry Foundation Membership Surges to Kick off 2018

Aqua Security, Bracket Computing, ITQ, RefineAI, SuperOrbital and TIBCO join as Silver members

SAN FRANCISCO — February 21, 2018Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the most widely-adopted open source cloud technologies in the world, announced today that Aqua Security, Bracket Computing, ITQ, RefineAI, SuperOrbital and TIBCO (a former member) have all joined as Silver Members in January. The companies join Dell EMC, Google, HPE, IBM, VMware, SAP and VMware, in addition to prominent end user members American Airlines, Fidelity, Ford, Home Depot, Volkswagen, and more than 60 other technology innovators, as Foundation members.

Through their membership, these companies demonstrate commitment to working with the Foundation and the community to champion Cloud Foundry as the global industry standard cloud technology for the enterprise.

“As more and more companies embrace cloud-native applications in a multi-cloud world, the Foundation has seen its biggest one-month spike in membership since 2016,” said Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “We welcome the unique contribution each of these companies will make.”

“As companies embrace hybrid cloud deployment for their business-critical applications, the availability of mature toolsets such as Cloud Foundry pave the way to faster adoption, and we’re excited to accelerate this adoption by enhancing security and compliance,” said Upesh Patel, VP Business Development, Aqua Security, founded by IT security veterans from companies including Intel Security, CA Technologies, Check Point Software and IBM. “With containers being the next major disruption in datacenter and application technology, Aqua Security recognized that containerized environments create new challenges in security, but also present an opportunity to reinvent application security – more effectively and more efficiently than ever.”

“Bracket is pleased to be working with the Cloud Foundry community to make deployments immutable on any cloud. Immutability is the foundation of trust for cloud-native applications,” said Tom Gillis, CEO at Bracket Computing, founded with the goal to empower enterprise IT with a single set of security controls to stop the spread of malware, malicious insiders and mistakes without impacting the speed and agility of the self-service cloud.

“We are excited to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation and help drive it forward,” said Ruurd Keizer, Cloud Native Lead at ITQ Consultancy. “From our experience with Cloud Foundry, we’re convinced Cloud Foundry and its impressive ecosystem are the way forward for our mostly enterprise and government customers. It will enable them to embrace the cloud and, in doing so, innovate much faster while staying secure and available, without vendor lock-in, be it in their own data centers or the public cloud.” Founded in 2001, ITQ delivers innovative IT solutions and infrastructure. Today it’s a fully independent business, one that doesn’t sell software or hardware, but instead focuses on knowledge, offering the best advice to its clients.

“We are excited to be part of Cloud Foundry, as it is a community of startups and large companies that are solving tough problems using innovative technologies,” said Bharat Krish, CEO, RefineAI. “Cloud Foundry helps us to be agnostic to any cloud vendor and also provides us the guidelines to be compliant with the needs of large enterprises, helping us partner with the likes of SAP.” RefineAI is a platform for understanding the emotional appeal of videos in real time so brands can increase their digital content ROI.

“Cloud Foundry continues to prove itself as the only truly production-grade application and container platform, and SuperOrbital is very excited to help support and take part in the growing community around it,” said Tammer Saleh, founder, SuperOrbital, and former VP of Engineering at VMware. SuperOrbital has a deep and intuitive knowledge in cloud-native best practices and architecture, rooted in experience deploying and managing enterprise scale systems.

“Digital transformation demands a cloud strategy that addresses the most challenging real- world requirements encountered by businesses,” said Thomas Been, chief marketing officer, TIBCO Software, Inc. “We’re excited to renew our membership because of the vibrant community and constant innovation that makes Cloud Foundry part of a new generation of applications.”

Cloud Foundry Foundation is holding its 2018 NA Summit in Boston, April 18-20. This Summit comes on the heels of the record-setting 2017 Silicon Valley Summit and capacity crowd at the European Summit in Basel. With support from Platinum sponsors Google, IBM, VMware and SAP, the 2017 Summit in North America set new attendance records. Cloud Foundry has seen vast growth worldwide with 3,100 contributors since inception; more than 61,000 commits in the last 12 months alone; 69,500 people participating in global community events; and 65 total Foundation members. As stated in market research from Gartner, Cloud Foundry’s total market value is approximately $3.1 billion, rising to $5.25 billion in a few years.

Find the full schedule here: and register online:

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