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Cloud Foundry Morning Edition: Episode 11: Linux Foundation All Hands

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 11, Linux Foundation All Hands includes news about:

  • Until now, only an administrator could register and update service brokers. This meant a normal user could not manage their own service brokers for their own team. This is no longer a limitation!
  • Lattice news:
    • “cf push” on Lattice!
    • Windows support
    • Brokered services can be BOSH-deployed with “special release” of Lattice
  • The Linux Foundation All Hands with an introduction from Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation
  • Meet the Cloud Foundry Foundation team:
    • Sam Ramji, CEO
    • Mike Maney, communications and brand
    • Liza Frank, executive assistant
    • Jil Backstrom, pr
    • Devin Davis, marketing
    • Scot Monson, ecosystem
    • Chip Childers, technology

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition is now available as a podcast in addition to being on YouTube. You can find it on:

Episode 11: Linux Foundation All Hands, Cloud Foundry Morning Edition.