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Latest Findings Revealed: Cloud Foundry is the ‘Holistic Solution’ Needed As Organizations Make Moves Toward Digital Transformation

Today we’ve released findings from our latest survey of the Cloud Foundry community, recorded at the Cloud Foundry Silicon Valley Summit in May of this year. Attendees at this year’s Cloud Foundry Summit ran the gamut from seasoned technology professionals and business leaders to smaller organizations eager to educate themselves on Cloud Foundry and the ways in which the platform enables digital transformation. The survey’s findings highlight the active and engaged Cloud Foundry community and its receptiveness towards this rapid transformation towards all things digital.

Cloud Foundry Summit NA 2016

The survey results demonstrate the true maturation of Cloud Foundry, underpinned by both the increasingly mainstream awareness of the project and the support of a vibrant and dedicated community. Summit attendees weighed in on Cloud Foundry as a platform, calling it a “holistic solution,” albeit not without its own set of complexities. In a competitive landscape, Cloud Foundry stood out for its comprehensive response to a panoply of needs, repeatedly providing a cohesive answer in a multitude of use cases.

Want to read the report yourself? Download it here.


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As Senior Marketing Manager of Cloud Foundry Foundation, Caitlyn runs content and manages diversity programming.